Aircare Group of Companies
Registered Office - 104 BAKUL BAGAN ROAD, KOLKATA - 700025 , Kolkata, West Bengal , INDIA
Telephone No - 03340708026
Office - 98/7A Harish Mukherjee Road, Flat-2A 2nd Floor, Kolkata - 700025, Kolkata, WEST BENGAL, INDIA
Telephone No - 03324762872
Contact Person - Abhishek Banerjee

About Company

Aircare Enterprises is one of the top service providers and a trusted name in the field of Electro-Mechanical Services such as Air-conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration in Eastern India. Aircare’s core organization comprises of a team of multidisciplinary personnel’s, each with a sustainable exposure to Engineering & Technological services to a diverse group of projects. The Intrinsic strength derived from the superior authority of leadership, competence and quality bestows Aircare with the belief and proficiency to provide its customers with expert guidance and technical support at every stage of project management from installing of Air conditioning system to commissioning. Aircare’s invulnerable commitment to comprehend complex challenges, diverse expertise in the field of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, and presence of a perfect alliance of people whose exceptional potential in finding innovative solutions to meet the customer-centric requirements ensures the company to meet customer specific requirements and sets the organization apart from its competitors. Aircare is headquartered in Kolkata and rolls over 80 employees. It serves its customers across East India through its’ activities at Orissa, Bihar & West Bengal. With its large and varied customer base and a direct presence in all business segments and geography, Aircare has always endeavored to provide services and deliver projects of the highest quality. Our core activities include System design & detailed engineering of HVAC Systems, handling various activities in sales, services, project execution & maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

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Year of Establishment

01 - April - 1996