What Are Microsites?

Microsites were invented around 1999 when marketing departments wanted to exert more control over an organization’s online presence. They quickly grew in popularity and have been in wide use ever since, primarily as a marketing tool, managed by marketing and sales experts.

Why Microsites?

A microsite is an individual web page or small cluster of web pages that act as a separate entity for a brand. Microsites can be used to help brands achieve a number of things. Unlike regular websites, microsites tend to be rather simplistic and easier to navigate which will help the buyer to search required product easily and boosts business.

Advantages of having a Microsite with RATA BUSINESS MART?

  • Dedicated for HVAC & R Trade
  • Promotes Internal Trade
  • Purchase Enquiry
  • Sell Enquiry
  • Bulk Email Blast
  • Regional Email Blast
  • Post Special Offers
  • Product Catalogue
  • Brand Advertising

  • 1 Product/Month Post Special Offer
    2 Products/Month Post Special Offer
    3 Products/Month Post Special Offer
    1 Email Blast/ Quarter
    2 Emails Blast/ Quarter
    3 Emails Blast/ Quarter
    2 purchase enquiry/month
    unlimited purchase enquiry
    back office support
    SEO offer on brand searches
    SEO keywords
    50 limited SMS packages
    200 SMS packages
    SEO Manager Access
    RATA trust Seal
    1st search position
    2nd search position
    3rd search position

    6726 /year (Inclusive of 18% GST)

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  • Microsite-Basic

    11210 /year (Inclusive of 18% GST)

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  • Microsite-Normal

    17700 /year (Inclusive of 18% GST)

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  • Microsite-Advantage

    29500 /year (Inclusive of 18% GST)

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