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Pre-sales professional technical team to advise on the right solution.

Ensuring execution and commissioning of top quality work at every stage.

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Post sales on-time services.

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New generation and high-end technology application.

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High quality maintenance, consistent service support and training.

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Interface for communication.

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Attending obscure problems and complaints.

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Training and induction with innovative modules for investigating unusual technical problems.

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Analyses of operations and processes for escalations and implementations.

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This company was founded by Mr. R.T. Gurnaney who transcended the business by giving newer dimensions to the functionalities, with the pursuit of changing and developing the phase of sales and distribution of air conditioners.

Nova has been innovative time and again exploring newer and wider horizons in the market spectrum, dealing in international brands of HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilating,

Company Overview
Air-conditioners and Refrigeration), providing accomplished sales, services and solutions. Nova has been catalytic in giving a new facade to the sphere of the HVAC/R industry as a whole.

Extensive research, technical know-how, skills and professionalism have been immeasurably vital to elevate and enhance sales and services, with a massive network of dealers and service counterparts that have been inseparable with Nova.

Nova has a significant foresight of expansion of refrigeration related product gamut, which will give one stop solution to the clients.

Since 32 years of formation, Nova group of companies has surpassed many milestones; the company has evolved at every stage of development as a leading HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning and refrigeration) company with state-of–the-art customer support.