Welcome to Metal Sales Corportation

The Company is engaged in the manufacture of Copper Pipe & Tube, Copper Capillary Tubing, Copper Strainer/filter, Copper Fitting (Elbow, Coupling, Reducer Coupling, Bend, Y-Joint, Copper Tripod, etc.), Copper Header / Muffler / Accumulator, & other allied tubular products. The company has achieved a phenomenal rise in sales of over the last few financial years and has been taken to a new heights.

We have most trusted name in the market for all the products & its various segments that it represents for the simple reason of quality. The company has set stringent quality control standards in various stages of production & in the selection of raw material, which ultimately ensures better & reliable products. Repeated orders from our esteemed customers has given us the confidence that our products are the best the world over. The company has also set all its process in line to ensure smooth & speedy production & quick delivery. With an experience spanning over Four & a half decade, the company is a veteran of the AC&R & HVAC Industry commanding respect even from its closest competitors.

At METALSALES development is a continuous process and the people of METALSALES never stop innovating & set the bar by raising the bench mark in the industry. We have attained such critical mass, where it itself has to set new bench marks for the industry & set new ones. It has created such a stage where every individual can develop not only himself but realize the true worth of his own self.

The company is GREATFUL to all its Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Vendors, Friends, etc. for helping realize a dream, without which the success achieved by us would not have been possible.