Company Profile in brief

  • L.R.chopra & Co. Is services in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning like supply of Dehumidifiers, cold room and AMC ,CAMC in Chilled water/Brine packages last three decades.
  • Our team of highly trained experienced technicians will not only provide efficient and quality services, but will also ensure that all technical concerns will be addressed.
  • We have Design Supply and Rental of Dehumidifiers as per the clients requirement for pharmacy company, fisheries company and Chemical company.
  • We have in AMC and CAMC of Brine Chilling Plant and Servicing J&E Halls Compressor and also manage materials with J&E halls Compressor from abroad.
  • We have design Supply AMC & CAMC of Cold Storages and Blast Freezers, Walking Cooler and chilled water packages (10Tr, to 100Tr.) ect. as per the Client requirement for fisheries industries, fruits ,chocolates.