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Our Location

Jugal Tube Pvt. Ltd.
4/2, Alankar Cinema Building,SVP Road,
Mumbai-400 004 ( India )
Telephone: 66362721 / 66361898
FAX: 66595386
Email ID: sales@jugaltube.com
In this era of globalization and industrialization, competition in any field has mounted great heights with the pace of time. The same has been a part of the competitive steel sector of the entire globe. Under such circumstances there is one name which stood out in this sector is Jugal Tube Pvt. Ltd.
Our Products
   Copper Tubes
   Brass Tubes
   Copper Flat
   Copper Fin
   Copper Fittings
   Cupro Nickel 90/10
   Cupro Nickel 70/30

    Quality Assurance

  We strive to be the best in our   industry.

  We care about our customers, our   suppliers and partners.

  We do our absolute best to honor our   commitments.

  We strive to always act with integrity      and fairness.
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