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We Dynamic Fans Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Are serving the HVAC & R Industry since the start of Year 2001.

Our Products range are - External Rotor Axial Fans, AC / DC Brushless Fans, AC / DC Centrifugal Blowers, Shaded Pole Motors (Also known as Q Motors especially used in Condensing and Evaporating Units), EC Energy Saving Motors, Compressors, Lift Fan, Lift Blowers, Mancooler Fan.

The Application where our Products are applied are all related to cooling needs of our growing HVAC & R Industry and Elevator Industry, Some of the applications are Condensing / Evaporating Unit, Outdoor Units, Evaporators, Condensing Units,Chess Cooler, Visi Cooler, SMPS, Control Panel, Vending Machine, Elevators and Escalators, Walk-in Cold Room, Air Handling Units, Deep Freezer, Air Dryer Stability Chambers, Display Counters, Cell Phone Tower, Air Conditioner Cold Storage, Medical Equipments

Our Latest Developments are being in the field of Mancooler and ATEX Fans.

We are also now Joining Hands with Brands like CASALS Spa – Leading Manufacturer of ATEX, Med, Hi and Low Pressure Centrifugal Fans and Jinan Baifute for condensing units, condensers, evaporators, Compressors

Our Partners

01. MAER Micro-Motor, China

02. Commonwealth Indl. Corporation, Taiwan

03. ELCO Motors, Italy

04. Fans-Tech, Shunde

05. Frascold, Italy

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